National Ice Cream Day!

Nothing says summer like ice cream and July 17th is National Ice Cream Day! Baskin Robbins is giving you a chance to celebrate this fun day and show your patriotism at the same time! Baskin Robbins is proud to celebrate the USO's 75th anniversary by rolling out one of their many new flavors, USO Patriot Pop! It's a delicious cherry, blue raspberry,and lemon flavor with pretty red, white and blue swirls. As a Navy brat, myself, I had to check it out! Baskin Robbins is donating 75 cents of every ice cream float purchased on National Ice Cream Day.  This is nice chance to try the Patriot Pop flavor!

They are also rolling out their new Polar Pizzas this month. Think about and ice cream cake, but BETTER! The Polar Pizzas have thick double fudge or chocolate chip crust and are completely customizable with any ice cream flavor you want!! It's such a fun spin on pizza and ice cream. The kids will love this cool treat! My friends at Baskin Robbins was nice enough to give me a coupon to share with you guys to get $2 off your own Polar Pizza for your family!! Enjoy your summer and happy National Ice Cream Day :)