Date Night Fun In Las Vegas!

We had such a great time a few weeks ago at Pinot's Palette with friends! It was such an awesome experience to create a piece of art that didn't look too shabby if I do say so myself! Check out my Facebook video below to hear all about our good time!


I don't know if it was the wine or the actual creativity that made this event so fun. I'm guessing it was both! I definitely suggest checking them out the next time you come to Sin City!

 Our awesome instructor for the night!

Our awesome instructor for the night!

 Definitely the wine LOL!

Definitely the wine LOL!

 We were so proud of our finished products!   

We were so proud of our finished products!


National Ice Cream Day!

Nothing says summer like ice cream and July 17th is National Ice Cream Day! Baskin Robbins is giving you a chance to celebrate this fun day and show your patriotism at the same time! Baskin Robbins is proud to celebrate the USO's 75th anniversary by rolling out one of their many new flavors, USO Patriot Pop! It's a delicious cherry, blue raspberry,and lemon flavor with pretty red, white and blue swirls. As a Navy brat, myself, I had to check it out! Baskin Robbins is donating 75 cents of every ice cream float purchased on National Ice Cream Day.  This is nice chance to try the Patriot Pop flavor!

They are also rolling out their new Polar Pizzas this month. Think about and ice cream cake, but BETTER! The Polar Pizzas have thick double fudge or chocolate chip crust and are completely customizable with any ice cream flavor you want!! It's such a fun spin on pizza and ice cream. The kids will love this cool treat! My friends at Baskin Robbins was nice enough to give me a coupon to share with you guys to get $2 off your own Polar Pizza for your family!! Enjoy your summer and happy National Ice Cream Day :)

How to Shop Now for The Holidays and Save Money!


The kids are almost of school and summer is approaching quickly! While everyone else is thinking about going to the pool, bbq’s, and fireworks, I am thinking about the holidays! I realize that the holidays are more than 6 months out, but when you have a family as large as mine, you gotta start early. I have been using my Christmas Box Method for about 4 years now and it takes a lot of pressure off when the actual holidays roll around. I don’t have to set up a tent and sleep outside of a store on Thanksgiving afternoon to get the Black Friday Deal. I can focus on decorating my home, cooking great food, and spending time with friends and family.

The Bath & Body Works/Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale in June used to be my kickoff point for holiday shopping because the deals were so good, I had to stock up.  These days, I start my holiday shopping the day after Christmas, but 6 months is plenty of time to start a nice gift stockpile. I basically have a box or two that I set aside for the deals I find throughout the year that will make great gifts. These can be the core gifts for your family and friends or those random secret Santa/ white elephant gifts you hate looking for each year.  Here are 5 tips to save time and money by starting your holiday shopping now!

End of Season Sales- You can find boots, sweaters, jeans, jackets, and tons of great things that will be perfect for the holidays at anywhere from 40%-80% off if you look around March or April, just as the stores are putting out spring items. End of the season clearance sales are great for houseware gifts as well!

BOGO- I love a good Buy One Get One sale for my holiday box! If you are out and about shopping anyway and you see a good BOGO, toss the second item in your box to give as a gift!

Going Out of Business Sales- Find them and Load up! I know for a fact that several Kmart and Sears stores will be closing soon, so jump on it! Also, lots of stores relocate and expand all year round. You can score great gifts for more than half off.

Discount Retailers Clearance- Stores like Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory and Stein Mart have amazing prices already, but their clearance section is awesome! I peruse the clearance section of these stores a few times a month to get the discount on top of the discount!

Gift Cards- Lots of grocery store chains have gas points for purchasing gift cards. Pick up a $5-$10 gift card each payday for stocking stuffers or to go in a cute mason jar DIY gift. And save a few bucks on your gas while you're at it!

Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts That Mom Will Love

I wasn’t always as organized as I am now when it comes to giving gifts. I have learned the hard way it’s best to buy gifts way before you need them so holidays, birthdays, and Mother’s Day doesn’t sneak up on you. Mother’s Day is less than a week away! If let it slip your mind and have no idea what to get your mom this year, I have a few suggestions that might help. Most moms (me included) want things that they can use, but wouldn’t think of buying for themselves. I love the combo of functional and personal gifts together. I hope these gift ideas can help you put a smile on your mom’s face this year.

 Ninja Coffee Bar/Pretty Mugs/Gourmet Coffee- If you don’t know about the Ninja Coffee Bar, you are missing out! This user-friendly coffee maker is probably one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten.  She won’t need to buy those expensive pods any longer! It makes a cup, travel mug, half carafe or full carafe. It comes with a recipe book to make all of her favorite coffeehouse drinks at home with ease! If you want to enhance the gift, stop by your local TJ Maxx and check out their mug selection! There are tons of pretty ones with cute quotes, monograms, or just pretty colors. They also have a pretty cool gourmet coffee section!

Cleansing Face Brush/ Luxury Cleanser- If your mom is into beauty and fighting the aging process, she’s probably thought about getting a cleaning brush like the Clairsonic. This is one of those luxury items that most women want, but feel guilty about investing in. Be sure to consult with the sales person to get the best brush for mature skin.  If you want to enhance the gift, add a luxury cleanser that is gentle but helps combat aging. Your local beauty counter advisor will be able to point you in the right direction and mom will be thrilled!

Pre-loaded Digital Picture Frames- Moms love memories!! How cool would it be to gather up pictures of you when you were little and pictures of your kids with your mom and load them in  a digital picture frame for her to have at home? You can pick these up at any Big Box retailer or If you want to enhance this gift, add a memory journal with a nice note or maybe your favorite memory from one of the pictures in the frame.