Fast, Easy, Yummy! Work Week Dinner Menu #1

 Thinking about what to cook for dinner is the last thing anyone wants to do after a day of working, chasing kids, cleaning the house, and running errands.  I’ve gotten my work week menu planning down to a science. I know what my family likes and I’ve learned to buy it on a budget and cook it without spending all night in the kitchen.  I am a huge fan of kitchen tools that do the work for me. The Slow Cooker, Infrared Cooker, and Pressure Cooker have definitely made me a “set it and forget it” type of mom!  Keep an eye out for future posts on my favorite time/money saving kitchen gadgets.

90% of my shopping is done at discount grocery stores like WinCo, Save-A-Lot, and 99 Cents Only. I typically reach for the store brand when it comes to pantry goods, condiments, and frozen veggies.  This is just one of the many ways, I can afford to feed a family of 7 (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) for about $100 a week.  Check out this week’s dinner menu and grocery lists. I will post the recipe for each meal this week, so stay tuned!