Make Your Manicure Last a Full Week

 One of the most frustrating things in the world is to polish your nails just to have your laquer chip off and look raggedy a few days later. As a licensed nail technician, this is probably of the most common challenges I see clients face. So many women struggle with making their at home manicures last, so they spend a lot of money at the salon getting their nails done professionally or they just drop the idea all together. I love seeing my clients every week, but the truth is you really don’t have go into a salon to get salon results. Here are a few insider tips on how to make your DIY manicure last 7 days

  •       Make sure your nail beds are oil free before polishing your nails. Natural oils from our body, lotions and creams create a barrier on the nail bed and prevent your polish from adhering properly. Before you start your DIY mani, it’s important to dehydrate the nail. There are manicure prep solutions you can purchase for this. If you don’t want to invest, alcohol, nail polish remover, or acetone works just as well. Just use a lint free wipe or cotton ball and wipe your nails off well. They should feel kind of tight and look a bit white afterwards.


  •    Don’t skip the base coat! I know it’s so tempting to just grab your color and go to work, but the base coat protects your natural nail from being stained by the polish and it helps the polish adhere to the nail better and longer!


  •   Don’t worry about perfect polish skills! If you get some polish on your skin, just let it dry completely. Nail polish is not made to stick to skin (remember the oils in the body?) Any polish around the cuticles will come off with lotion or soap and water once it’s dry. Be sure to use two thin coats of polish. That first coat may look a little streaky, but that’s okay.  Your second coat will smooth everything out. Be sure to let each coat dry for about a minute before applying the next.


  •   Use a good Top Coat!!! Seche Vite and Out the Door are my two favorites. The top coat seals everything in and keeps it tight. Try to stay away from using watered down discount top coats. One coat is all you need for the initial manicure and add another coat 2-3 days later to make your manicure last!