DIY Glam Chalkboard Under $5

I have wanted a small chalkboard in my craft room for awhile. Just something to write little quotes and cute sayings on, but I couldn't find anything to match my color scheme. When I spotted this vintage mirror in the thrift store for $2, I knew I had to reinvent it. This was a fast and easy project that can be recreated with any picture frame or mirror.

What you will need:

A picture frame or mirror


A small foam paint brush

A small bottle of chalkboard paint ( a little goes a long way!)

Spray paint for your frame 

First, you will need to thoroughly clean your mirror or picture frame to make sure it is free of dust. Then remove your frame and spray paint it the color of your choice. I usually give my spray paint about 2 hours to dry completely. While your frame is drying, apply a small amount of your chalkboard paint to your mirror until it is completely covered. Allow this coat to dry for an hour and add a second coat for total coverage. Your chalkboard paint needs 24 hours to dry completely!


Once all of your painted pieces have completely dried, simply reassemble your picture frame or mirror and you have your new glam chalkboard!!